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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 22, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead the third and final presidential debate tonight focusing on foreign- policy. good morning, washington. it's monday, october 22. i am steve chenevey. >> i'm natasha barrett. glad to get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. ] >> i hope you had a great weekend. the weather was a picture- perfect. there is more of that to come. we will have a beautiful start. temperatures will be in the 70's today. a warming trend is a headhead. there's a chance of rain perhaps. he will have to wait for that. 50's toward the bay and 51 at
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reagan national. our express forecast, temperatures making it into the 70's this afternoon with nothing but sunshine. >> on the g.w. parkway, there was overnight roadwork northbound, still closed at a southbound run parkway in place until 5:00. u.s. park police plan to be done by 5:00. so that's another dirty minutes. there was road work on the northwest branch in maryland between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard. you cannot see the construction in this camera. no early delays. looks fine between frederick and the capital beltway. >> new this morning, four people
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injured when a stolen vehicle crashed into a tree in northwest d.c. >> it's not clear what led to her this late-night crash that happened on new jersey avenue and r street. a weapon was found in the car. one person was taken to hospital in critical condition. the second person was treated for minor cuts and bruises. two more people were taken to our university hospital. we don't know their conditions. >> police investigating a shooting in southeast. officers found a male victim on the third floor apartment on 27th street near texas ave. we don't know his condition or what led to the shooting. just hours away from the third and final presidential debate. president obama and mitt romney will face off at lynn university in boca raton, florida. >> the focus will be foreign policy. brandi hitt has a preview. >> it is their third and final showdown.
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tonight's presidential debate in florida is focused on for policy, a topic that has already drawn fire works. >> it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. to get the transcript. >> he did in fact. >> they will go at it again over the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. iran will also be a high topic after it was reported the u.s. and iran have agreed to one-on- one talks. >>the white house quickly denied the but there's a meeting set but says it's open to one-on-one talks. president obama has been preparing for the debate at camp david. and mitt romney in florida where he gave this advice during a football game. corrects figure out which of their players is best chance to take him out early.
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>> one poll shows the president with a lead. and another poll shows it is a dead heat. instead of circling each other attended -- the candidates will be sitting. abc news, florida. >> you can watch the debates starting at 9:00 p.m. on abc 7. we invite you to take part in our react labs to weigh in on how the candidates are doing. on your compatible smartphone, tablets or browser. >> early voting gets underway today in d.c. between 8:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. at the d.c. board of elections headquarters and one judiciary square in northwest d.c. starting on saturday, voters will be able to cast their ballots at early voting centers
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all around the city, one in each ward. >> you will services will be held friday for south dakota senator and george mcgovern. he died yesterday at the age of 90. he won the 1972 democratic nomination to lose to richard nixon. he fought against the vietnam war. he spent his later years working to feed needy children and around the world. >> following a developing story. police are sorting out details of a mass shooting at a gay spot near milwaukee wisconsin. -- gay spa. radcliffe haughton was the suspect. his wife worked there. he was found finally behind a locked door. >> one suspect we believe is responsible for the shootings today is deceased.
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we believe it to be a self- inflicted gunshot. greg he had slashed his wife's tires two weeks before the shooting rampage and she had been four- your restraining order against. >> prince george's county investigators will be searching for new clothes in the murder of a high-school student. 18-year-old marckel ross was shot to death on september 11 while walking to school in capitol heights. >> investigators will talk with commuters and pedestrians to see if they saw anything that may help them find a person who killed the central high school senior. in business news, the sec has come up empty in its probe of facebook. >> and a proposed merger with metro p c s linda bell. as news from bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> t-mobile is asking the sec to approve its merger with metro pcs. the parent company announced a deal barry dilleearlier this month
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in an effort to compete with at&t and sprint. metro pcs is offering the samsung dallas think that without the commitment of a contract. it started selling in stores on the weekend. good news for facebook. the ces has not found any evidence that the company withheld material information from investors. the investigation was over facebook's ipo after its stock price plunged. the probe is still ongoing. dish network customers can get [indiscernible].
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>> thank you. turning to sports. the redskins letting their lead slip away in the final minutes of yesterday's game against the giants. >> the redskins were leading 23-. rg3 threw the 30-yard touchdown pass to santana moss. and then the giants returned a 77-yard touchdown and that did it. they defeated the redskins. >> para moments after that game. new jersey state police say that a 42-year-old man was critically injured after falling more than 20 feet from an escalator and landing on a metal stage. >> a fan favorite during the preseason making a return to the redskins. chris cooley.
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this was after they learned fred davis will not be coming back after an injury. >> tonight we will learn which baseball team will face the detroit tigers in the world series. >> and francisco giants pitcher struck out a career best 9 as his team forced to gain seven alcs against the car also. the giants defeated the cardinals 6-1. 4:39 temperatures in the 40's. >> the latest on the search for the man who attacked a woman along a popular jogging trail. why
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>> good morning. i am meteorologist jacqui jeras. 51 degrees on this monday morning. i hope you had a great weekend. it was beautiful. this work week looks much the same but warmer. it's 51 at reagan national with a dew point of 40. there's calm wind. 30's to the west. 50 degrees in the bay and. mostly sunny skies today beautiful temperatures. 68-74 degrees. a warming trend through the middle of the week before we taper back down to more seasonable temperatures. a very dry seven-day forecast
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with a chance of rain only on sunday. let's go to traffic with jamee. >> as we get under way on this monday morning, there's a little construction around the area. no incidents in maryland virginia the district. g.w. parkway had a big project northbound b-w parkway still closed until 5:00. so there's a diversion right there. on the b-w parkway, looks good for everybody. no problems to report on 295, 95 between baltimore and the beltway, and 50 the john hanson highway. 270 is quiet. the beltway lanes are open in maryland just picking up the last of the construction barrels. no big problems. back to you. >> thank you. 4:43, 47 degrees.
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>> a maryland family is suing the makers of a popular energy drink. why the companies blamed for the death
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>> investigators trying to find out if a woman was sexually assaulting a long a popular jogging trail in bethesda. a woman was jogging on the capitol crescent trail route 7:00 last night when a main came from behind and struck her on to head . >> you will sometime later off the trail at was able to get back on the trail, and a 30- year-old male driver was passing by, assisted her to this address. >> the victims suffered serious head injury and it could be some time before they get a description of her alleged attacker. >> prince george's county police
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looking for the driver in the hit-and-run crash that left a 21-year-old pedestrian critically injured. they believe the driver was in the gold sedan, possibly a honda. it happened saturday afternoon on university boulevard. they believe the driver was racing with another car when a pedestrian stepped onto the roadway. the pedestrian was sent to the hospital. a second vehicle crashed and its driver was arrested. >> the international cycling union will announce today whether it will uphold the u.s. open agency's decision against lance armstrong. in august he was stripped of his title and received a lifetime ban from cycling after he decided to fight allegations that he used performance enhancing drugs. >> the parents of a 14-year-old hagerstown girl who died in december are suing an energy drink company >> . they say their daughter anais fournier went into cardiac
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arrest after drinking a two-24- ounce monster energy drinks in less than 24 hours. the attorney said the teenager had an underlying mild heart condition, but not unlike 10% of the population. >> it is caffeine toxicity. it's like pouring gasoline on a fire. >> monster does not believe its beverages are in any way responsible for the death of the teenager and is unaware of any fatalities caused by its drinks. >> plans are underway to amend a quote mistake on the m.l.k. memorial. they're hoping the change will be done by december 21, his birthday. it is a shortened version of a much longer statement of his.
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you soon will be able to use yours smartphone to explore arlington national cemetery. it is scheduled to unveil an application today to unable family members and the public to find gravesides and explore the cemetery's rich history. it will be available through the cemetery's website as well as itunes and google+. it's 47 degrees. >> necks a medical scare on "dancing with the stars."
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>> led the attack on the weather. >> jacqui jeras. >> i went picking apples in purcellville and the weekend was great. temperatures are even getting better. high-pressure is a dominant feature today. it is across the southeast. clear skies all the way up and down the east coast. a little cloudy off to our west. there's a storm system. i think that will go up and over the mid-atlantic and steer clear of our area and just bring us a couple clouds tomorrow. waking up to 30 is in the west this morning. 40 in manassas. 48 in annapolis.
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we will be warming up quickly it today. at 9:00 we will be sunny and 51. 65 and mostly sunny at noon. partly cloudy at 5:00 with 72 degrees. a beautiful day to look forward to. let's go to jamee whitten. >> maryland commuters interstate 95, an accident reported. it is around the laurel area, southbound before 216. 295 southbound, all clear. southbound 95, an accident reported between 198 and 212. seeing some improvement on the george washington parkway. the construction had the northbound side of the parkway diverted, but they have just about the couple last of the barrels. that should be clearing soon. back to you. >> thank you.
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in entertainment news, some of hollywood's biggest names will be at the kennedy center to night to honor the talk-show host ellen degeneres. >> she's receiving the mark twain prize for american humor. tonight's and trainers in town include steve harvey and jimmy kimmel. the show will be one week from tomorrow on pbs. >> she became famous for chasing -- , but now singer adele is now a mother. she and her boyfriend simon are ecstatic with a new baby boy. once again, the injury and bug has hit "dancing with the stars." >> melissa rosecroft suffered a head and neck injury during a fall in rehearsal. been released from the hospital. our partner posted a message on twitter last night if saying he was really concerned about air and that he did not know if they
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would be able to dance tonight. he asked the fans to keep them in their prayers. tonight's show starts at 8:00 on abc 7. >> the weekend box office had the fourth installment of paranormal activity, in the number one place. $31 million. in second place was ben affleck 's movie with $16 million. followed by a hotel transylvania. this is for you. bieber fever is coming he will be performing at the verizon center in november. >> we're giving you a chance to win two vip tickets. starting today we will give a daily clue during abc 7 news at 5:00. once you get a clue, go to our facebook page and enter the school. if we will give you a call each day this week so you have five chances to enter. we will announce the winner one week from today on abc 7 news at 5:00.
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somebody will get to go and see justin bieber. >> about 42 degrees out. >> relief for customers using dupont circle metro. we will have an update on a nearly yearlong project [ male
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announcer ] if barack obama is re-elected what will the next four years be like? one: the debt will grow from $16 trillion to $20 trillion. two: 20 million americans could lose their employer-based health care. three: taxes on the middle class will go up by $4,000. four: energy prices will continue to go up. and five: $716 billion in medicare cuts that hurt current seniors. five reasons we can't afford four more years of barack obama. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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cracks coming up, president obama and madonna preparing for tonight's third and final debate. this time the focus is on foreign-policy. >> a renewed effort


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